金年会6766澳门联合 has obtained registration certificate of four new reagents!


In 2021, the Estradiol Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), PCT Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), Progesterone Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), and 25-OH-VD Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method) developed by 金年会6766澳门联合 were approved by Guangdong Drug Administration for the registration of medical devices (in vitro diagnostic reagents), and this will further enrich the chemiluminescence detection menu of 金年会6766澳门联合.

In April, 金年会6766澳门联合 has harvested a lot, and has obtained registration certificates including iStar 500 Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer, PRL, FSH, LH, TT4, Estradiol, PCT, Progesterone and 25-OH-VD Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method). In addition, the company will continue to develop new products to meet market demand.

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