Ten new reagents of 金年会6766澳门联合 have obtained the registration certificate!


In May 2021, 金年会6766澳门联合 successively obtained 10 reagent registration certificates (in vitro diagnostic reagents) from Guangdong Drug Administration, including FT4 Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), FT3 Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), HCG Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), TSH Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), T3 Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), Testosterone Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), cTnI Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method)), CK-MB Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method), NT-proBNP Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method) and Myo Test Kit (Chemiluminescence Method).

As of today, 金年会6766澳门联合 has accumulated 18 reagent registration certificates, covering thyroid function, sex hormones, cardiac markers, inflammation and other fields. The acquisition of the reagent registration certificates will further enrich and improve the detection menu of 金年会6766澳门联合’s chemical luminescence platform, which will have a positive impact on the company's future business development.

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